INK Canadian Insider Index settles for 4.6 point gain after retreat from 1150.89

by Nicholas Winton

Thank you for joining us in a weekly technical look at the mid-cap oriented INK Canadian Insider (CIN) Index. After rallying more than 20 points or 1.9% and reaching as high as 1150.89 intraday on Thursday, The Index gave back a good portion of those gains as the week ended. The INK Canadian Insider Index held onto 4.6 points and a close of 1133.53.

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Osisko Metals (OM) has notable insider buying
Robert Wares, a Director, acquired 50,000 Common Shares on a ...
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Amex Exploration Inc. (AMX)
Subindustry: Junior natural resource -- Mining
On February 5, 2019, we highlighted strong net insider buying at Amex Exploration (AMX) in our Morning INK Report. As of February 26th, the stock has moved up 148% since the report date, and insiders have been net buyers of 180,000 shares. Visit the company page to see who has been active.
Source: INK Research

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On credit spreads: Narrow, widen, repeat, and die?

by Ted Dixon

While it may be one thing for the S&P 500 to fall 1.9% in one day as it did on Friday, it is quite another when it happens as bonds soar, the Treasury curve inverts, and credit spreads widen. That combination was in full effect Friday and has put global investors on edge. So, does this signal the death of the 2019 stock market rally? In his Friday evening March 22nd broadcast, Bob Hoye from is watching for the next move in credit spreads for clues.

While stocks tumbled Friday, the 3 to 7-year Treasury ETF soared as the yield curve inverted

As is usual, the market historian looks at where we have been in order to narrow down the possibilities of what might happen next.