Insights: Will the Fed have to be looser for longer?

by Ted Dixon, Canadian Insider


In this week's newsletter, we make the case for rising inflation expectations and discuss the implications for stocks. That is also the theme in the broadcast of the week. Meanwhile, our insider of the week is a CFO who has helped stick handle recent acquisitions which have contributed to a blow-out quarter. Click here to read.

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Kinaxis Inc. (KXS)has notable insider net $ selling
Paul Carreiro, a Senior Officer, acquired 10,000 Common Shares on ...
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Cantex Mine Development Corp. (CD)
Subindustry: Junior natural resource -- Mining
On March 20, 2019, we highlighted strong net insider buying at Cantex Mine Development (CD) in our Morning INK Report. The stock has moved up 407.52% since the report date, and insiders have been net sellers of 94,375 shares. Visit the company page to see who has been active.
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Treat November 30th short report data with caution

by Ted Dixon, Canadian Insider

Update 19:10 ET - We have removed November 30th short data and await a replacement file from IIROC.

Please treat the November 30th short data with caution as some stocks may have conflicting data from the data source. In the meantime, our review of the November 30th IIROC short report for INK subscribers is delayed while we seek clarification from the regulatory organization.

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