Will stocks follow as NYSE Advance-Decline Line soars to new highs?

by Ted Dixon, Canadian Insider

New highs in the New York Stock Exchange Advance - Decline (AD) Line are giving the bulls something to cheer about explains Bob Hoye in his April 17th broadcast. The AD line measures the cumulative net number of stocks over time that are gaining in price for a day versus those that are declining. 

The NYSE Advance-Decline Line is on the rise (click for larger)

The market historian from explains that the line often leads the market higher. 

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Yangarra Resources (YGR) has notable insider buying
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Amex Exploration Inc. (AMX)
Subindustry: Junior natural resource -- Mining
On February 5, 2019, we highlighted strong net insider buying at Amex Exploration (AMX) in our Morning INK Report. As of February 26th, the stock has moved up 148% since the report date, and insiders have been net buyers of 180,000 shares. Visit the company page to see who has been active.
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This stock could soar if James Bay has its day

by Ted Dixon, Canadian Insider

In our morning report on April 16th for club members, we highlighted insider activity in a prospective emerging Canadian mining play. While the name is only for those who have high risk tolerance, it is already up more than 20% since our report. If things go right in its play area, I believe the stock has the potential to go a lot higher. It is a stock I personally hold via a modest position.

*Plus taxes

While this play remains off the radar screens of most investors, last week a big mining player made a nearly C$6 million investment in another junior in the area. Of course, there are no guarantees as drill results will ultimately determine the stock's fate. But if you are interested in junior mining or speculative situations, this is a report you will want to read.