Weekly Sound Bite: Mining mania: sell in May?

by Ted Dixon, CEO INK Research

When we started our weekly Roundhouse Radio commentary on January 14th, I suggested that with Federal Reserve Bank policy and related outcomes more uncertain, the case for investors to hold some gold stocks in their portfolios had strengthened. Since that broadcast, the iShares S&P/TSX Global Gold Index ETF (XGD) is up a whopping 64%, while the junior Venture Exchange Index is up 32% (as of Wednesday). In the weeks following the first commentary, I told listeners to keep an eye on the U.S. Dollar Index.

Canadian Smart Money is Buying

Stocks with smart money
Buying: 65 (-8)
Selling: 30 (-2)
on the TSX, May 04
On Wednesday, there were 65 stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange with identified insider and significant shareholder buying and 30 with selling. Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) saw the most dollar buying while Fairfax Financial Holding (FFH) saw the most selling.

Top Buys and Sells Past Week

TSX and TSXV stocks with most insider sellings in the past 7 days
TSX Stocks with Net Buying Net Insider Buy Vol.(000's) Latest Quote
1. Trican Well Service (T:TCW) 1,564,000
2. Nautilus Minerals (T:NUS) 1,422,854
3. Eastmain Resources (T:ER) 300,000
4. Performance Sports Group (T:PSG) 270,000
5. Tellza Communications (T:TEL) 221,000
TSX Stocks with Net Selling Net Insider Sell Vol.(000's) Latest Quote
1. Dundee Precious Metals (T:DPM) -549,900
2. Newmarket Gold (T:NMI) -107,200
3. OceanaGold (T:OGC) -70,000
4. Agnico Eagle Mines (T:AEM) -68,250
5. Corvus Gold (T:KOR) -63,000
TSX Venture Stocks with Net Buying Net Insider Buy Vol.(000's) Latest Quote
1. Revelo Resources (V:RVL) 2,549,000
2. Alberta Oilsands (V:AOS) 2,502,700
3. Duran Ventures (V:DRV) 500,000
4. Ximen Mining (V:XIM) 359,000
5. Uracan Resources (V:URC) 306,000
TSX Venture Stocks with Net Selling Net Insider Sell Vol.(000's) Latest Quote
1. Aston Bay Holdings (V:BAY) -3,500,000
2. Iberian Minerals (V:IML) -3,117,000
3. 3TL Technologies (V:TTM) -1,000,002
4. Red Eagle Mining (V:RD) -300,000
5. Tirex Resources (V:TXX) -200,000

Recent Filings Activity

Issuers with new insider (SEDI) filings for the previous business day
Issuers with filings on May 04, 2016Price
May 5 Close
May 5 Close
May 5 Close
May 5 Close
May 5 Close

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Winner's Circle

A look at stock with positive momentum & insider buying
Nemaska Lithium Inc. (NMX)
Subindustry: Metals and minerals -- Mining
On January 11, 2016, we highlighted net insider buying at Nemaska Lithium (NMX) in our Morning INK Report. The stock has moved up 102.20% since the report date, and insiders have been net buyers of 25,568 shares. Visit the company page to see who has been active.
Source: INK Research

INK Edge Highlights

A sample from INK Research's INK Edge list
Canam Group (CAM) has notable insider buying
LeBlanc, a Director, acquired 2,500 Common Shares ...
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