Top 10 Shorts: Bets rise against Paramount Resources

by Ted Dixon

Shorts have Paramount Resources in their crosshairs based on Thursday's IIROC short report. The stock has seen its short position jump by 987,869 shares and now totals 7,352,444 shares representing 10.3% of the stock's float. The short data is as of March 15th as reported by market participants to IIROC.

Top 10 Canadian Stocks Shorted as of March 15, 2019*
    Stock Shares Short % Float Change Insiders
1 HLF High Liner Foods 3,306,417 16.30% -0.89% Mixed
2 L Loblaw Companies 12,147,867 10.86% -0.23% Cloudy
3 CJT Cargojet 1,256,916 10.73% 0.68% Mixed
4 POU Paramount Res. 7,352,444 10.33% 1.39% Mostly Sunny
5 SSL Sandstorm Gold 17,682,915 10.32% -0.01% Cloudy
6 GWO Great-West Lifeco 27,126,617 9.77% 0.13% Mostly Sunny
7 ALEF Aleafia Health 13,821,391 9.73% 3.85% Mixed
8 ACQ AutoCanada 2,529,517 9.26% 0.57% Mixed
9 TMD Titan Medical 1,960,970 9.21% 3.97% Mixed
10 LB Laurentian Bank 3,837,148 9.13% 1.64% Mixed

*Stocks trading over $1.

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Franco Rana, a Senior Officer, acquired 2,259 Subordinate Voting Shares ...
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Amex Exploration Inc. (AMX)
Subindustry: Junior natural resource -- Mining
On February 5, 2019, we highlighted strong net insider buying at Amex Exploration (AMX) in our Morning INK Report. As of February 26th, the stock has moved up 148% since the report date, and insiders have been net buyers of 180,000 shares. Visit the company page to see who has been active.
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